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2019 Reconcile and Reform Conference - Workshop Proposals

Workshop Proposals

Mission, Vision, and Values: The Reformation Project is a Bible-based, Christian grassroots organization that works to promote inclusion of LGBTQ people by reforming church teaching on sexual orientation and gender identity. Our vision is of a global church that fully affirms LGBTQ people.

Our promotion of LGBTQ inclusion in the church is grounded in three core values:

  • A love for God

  • A love for the Bible

  • A love for the church 

It's because of those values—our love for God, the Bible, and the church—that we are passionate about seeing churches fully affirm and include LGBTQ people. It's because of our love for God, the Bible, and the church that we seek to advance LGBTQ inclusion in the church in an intersectional way, emulating the life and teachings of Jesus by honoring the image of God in those most marginalized in our community. On other pages on our website, you can read our statement of faith as well as statements about our intersectional approach and our approach to sexual ethics.

Reconcile and Reform Conference and Workshops: On November 7-9, 2019, TRP will host our annual Reconcile and Reform Conference at Plymouth Congregational Church in Seattle, Washington. The goal of the conference is to help Christians become confident, effective advocates for LGBTQ inclusion in their churches and to be equipped to do this work in a Bible-based, Christ-centered way. 

In addition to keynote speeches, worship, and teachings from biblical scholars, we will offer 90-minute workshops on topics related to advancing LGBTQ inclusion in the church. There are four categories for workshop proposals:

  • Bible and Theology: Workshops focused on Scripture, theology, and LGBTQ inclusion (e.g., an affirming biblical case for transgender inclusion, the role of eunuchs in Scripture and their relevance to gender and sexual minorities in the church today)

  • Family and Community: Workshops focused on navigating conversations and relationships among parents, children, and faith communities (e.g., ways to engage non-affirming parents, how church members can move the conversation forward in their church)

  • Churches and Leadership: Workshops focused on leading churches and Christian organizations through the process of becoming more inclusive and affirming of LGBTQ people (e.g., stewarding a church through a policy shift and its aftereffects, how church leaders can open up the conversation in a non-affirming church)

  • Diversity and Inclusion: Workshops focused on the faith and church experiences of LGBTQ Christians with intersecting marginalized identities (e.g., global LGBTQ Christian perspectives, unique experiences of LGBTQ Christians in black churches, addressing obstacles faced by queer women of color in church leadership)

Submission Deadline and Proposal Review Process: Workshop proposals are due on Tuesday, August 20. We will let all applicants know whether we are able to include their workshops by Monday, September 9. Based on the limited number of workshop slots we have and the high number of proposals we’ve received in recent years, we expect to be able to accept less than 30% of proposals this year. 

Consequently, we will unfortunately not be able to accept many worthy proposals. As a result, we may reach out to applicants with similar proposals to inquire about combining efforts with other applicants. In making difficult decisions, we may prioritize applicants who have not given a workshop at a TRP conference before in order to create space for new voices, although we hope and expect to welcome back some familiar faces as well.

We also may reach out to applicants with suggested changes to their workshop title, description, or outline to help their workshop best complement the full range of our conference programming.

Honorarium: In appreciation of your contributions, workshop presenters will receive a $100 honorarium and complimentary registration for the conference. If a workshop has multiple presenters, the $100 honorarium will be divided equally among them. The maximum number of presenters per workshop who are eligible to receive a complimentary conference registration is two. (If there are more than two presenters, complimentary registration will be given to the two presenters listed in the proposal as the principal presenters.)

Complimentary registration does not include meals, travel, or hotel expenses.

The workshop proposal form can be accessed here. All proposals must be submitted via e-mail to by 11:59pm ET on Tuesday, August 20, 2019.