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Remembering Rachel Held Evans


Remembering Rachel Held Evans

Five months ago, our beloved friend and tireless champion Rachel Held Evans passed away after a sudden, debilitating illness. Her loss grieved and shook thousands upon thousands of people whose lives she profoundly touched, including countless LGBTQ Christians who credit her writing, her voice, and her advocacy as transformative in their own lives and faith journeys.

But while Rachel's death has left a void for so many, the void has been greatest for her family. As we've thought through how we'd like to honor Rachel at our Reconcile and Reform conference this fall, we've wanted to be able to create something for her family that commemorates the extraordinary impact that she had on the lives of LGBTQ Christians in particular.

So at our conference next month, we'll be inviting attendees to contribute to a memorial scrapbook, sharing what Rachel meant to them and the impact that she had on their lives. We're also inviting anyone to contribute, regardless of whether you're able to come to the conference and regardless of your sexual orientation or gender identity—we welcome contributions from straight allies as well as LGBTQ Christians. Here's how it will work:

  1. Write your contribution on 8.5" x 11" paper or smaller. It can be handwritten or typed.

  2. Feel free to include a picture of yourself or your family, drawings, or anything else that you might include in a scrapbook. The goal isn't just to have pages full of text, but for it to be something beautiful and enjoyable to look through, both for adults and for kids.

  3. Once you're done, bring your contribution with you to Reconcile and Reform in Seattle next month, or (if you can't come) mail it to our amazing volunteer Cindy Singer at 3379 Centerville Road, Gillett, PA 16925 and ensure that it is postmarked by Friday, October 25. You can also e-mail it to Cindy by the October 25 deadline at

Once Cindy has received all of the contributions via mail and e-mail, she will put them together in a memorial scrapbook that she will bring to Seattle from November 7-9. Conference attendees can then add their contributions there in person. After the conference, we will send the completed book to Rachel's family for them to keep.

It is still hard for me to accept that Rachel isn't with us anymore, but the impact she had on our lives most certainly is. Thank you to everyone who will contribute to this gift for her family.

With love,
Matthew Vines
Executive Director
The Reformation Project