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How To Talk About the Bible and LGBTQ Inclusion

“How to Talk About the Bible and LGBTQ Inclusion” is a 70-page booklet designed to give readers a concise but comprehensive overview of the biblical case for LGBTQ inclusion.

Covering topics ranging from experience, tradition, celibacy, and gender complementarity to the six main Bible passages at dispute over same-sex relationships, this resource will help you both to better understand the relevant theological issues and to make a clear, compelling case for LGBTQ affirmation to those in your life who disagree with you. The booklet also contains feature sections on ex-gay ministries, bisexual Christians, transgender Christians, and queer Christians of color.


free discussion guide for God and the Gay Christian

The single most frequent request from readers since the release of Matthew Vines' book has been for a study guide to go with it. Here, with an assist from his editors David Kopp and Derek Reed, are questions we hope will stimulate further conversation and thought.

Whether you use this tool for personal or group use, we hope it will help you to find clarity on your own views about same-sex relationships. For each chapter, you’ll find a key statement that summarizes or at least highlights the main premise of the chapter, followed by several questions. If you are a group leader or facilitator, feel free to recast or replace the questions to your liking.

Sexual orientation and same-sex relationships for Christians might be the most challenging conversation facing believers today—and one of the most critical. We encourage you to welcome and honor every person, story, and perspective. What we’re after is an enlightening, respectful, and helpful exchange for all comers, whether you agree or disagree with Matthew's conclusions.