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Pastors in Process


Pastors in Process

For the first time this year, The Reformation Project will host a private, off-the-record gathering specifically for pastors of non-affirming churches who want to move the conversation on LGBTQ inclusion forward in their churches.

This gathering will be called Pastors in Process and will be held on Thursday, November 7, at Plymouth Congregational Church in Seattle, Washington. In the morning, pastors will join our Parents in Process attendees to gain insight into the experiences of members of their churches who have LGBTQ children. In the afternoon, pastors will break off into a dedicated group to take part in facilitated discussions about how to guide their churches through this conversation and to build relationships with other pastors in similar situations.

Fred Harrell, Senior Pastor of City Church San Francisco, and Ken Fong, retired Senior Pastor of Evergreen Baptist Church of Los Angeles, will help to facilitate the group along with Matthew Vines, TRP’s Executive Director. We’ve heard from many pastors of non-affirming churches who feel isolated and under-equipped as they seek to foster a more inclusive posture toward LGBTQ Christians in their churches, and we are looking forward to this opportunity to help to change those dynamics.

Core values that will shape this gathering are:

  • A love for God

  • A love for the Bible

  • A love for the church

The gathering will focus on supporting pastors who are committed to upholding the full authority of the Bible in the lives of their churches.

How to Participate: Given the sensitive nature of these conversations, participation in the Pastors in Process gathering is not open to public registration. If you are a pastor of a non-affirming church and are interested in being invited to attend the gathering on November 7, you can e-mail us confidentially at

Please make the subject line of your e-mail “Pastors in Process gathering,” and please describe the current state of conversations around LGBTQ inclusion in your church and why you would like to participate. Please also describe your alignment with the core values stated above. Spaces are limited, and whether we are able to include you or not, your name and information will be kept private.

Cost: Pastors who are invited to attend the Pastors in Process gathering will pay the same price as Parents in Process attendees: early bird pricing of $30 for conference attendees and $50 for non-attendees. This will cover the cost of lunch, the morning session of Parents in Process, and the pastors gathering in the afternoon.

Pastors in Process attendees are welcome and encouraged to stay for the Reconcile and Reform conference from Thursday evening through Saturday evening, although we recognize this may not be possible for some due to the sensitive nature of their situations. Separate registration is required for the full conference if pastors elect to stay.