The Reformation Project

One Day Workshops

One-Day Workshops

Our workshops are intensive, high-energy opportunities to educate your community on a myriad of subjects related to our organization’s mission and vision. Our program offers a choice between three 8-hour workshops: The Biblical Case for LGBTQ Inclusion, The Academy for Racial Justice, and Grassroots Faith Organizing. Spend a day with The Reformation Project’s experienced team getting hands-on training to help your community bring full inclusion for LGBTQ people in the Church.

The pilot program is currently available in a limited number of states: Washington DC, Kansas, Florida, Texas, Illinois, California, Arizona, Georgia, Washington State, Louisiana, Nevada, Colorado, New York, New Jersey, Idaho, Michigan, and Oregon.

We are accepting requests for workshops all year round.

Workshops We Offer

The Biblical Case for LGBTQ Inclusion: In this workshop, we will guide participants step-by-step through the biblical case for full inclusion and affirmation of LGBTQ people in the church. We will help attendees to understand both the main non-affirming arguments about Scripture as well as effective ways of helping others to reconsider those ideas. Topics covered will include the role of experience and tradition in biblical interpretation, the harm of mandatory celibacy, gender complementarity, the theology of marriage, and the six main biblical passages that refer to same-sex behavior. By the end of the workshop, participants will gain a strong understanding of how to talk about the Bible and LGBTQ inclusion in a respectful, knowledgeable, and effective way.

The Academy for Racial Justice: The Academy for Racial Justice is designed to meet people wherever they are at in the racial justice journey. Those who are newer to conversations about ethnic identity and systemic oppression will be encouraged in their next steps, and those who have been working on this for decades will be celebrated in their wisdom and expertise. The academy will combine biblical teaching, interactive simulations, and significant cross-cultural dialogue around the intersection of racial and LGBTQ justice. Within the LGBTQ Christian community, many parallel forms of marginalization exist, based on race, ethnicity, ability, class, gender, and gender identity. It is all too common for LGBTQ advocacy to focus primarily, if not exclusively, on the needs of white, cisgender gay men, while leaving queer people of color, women, bisexual, transgender, and gender nonconforming people behind. This workshop provides knowledge and skills needed to ensure that your LGBTQ advocacy truly advocates for all LGBTQ people, including queer people of color.

Grassroots Faith Organizing: Scripture describes a vision for justice that requires Christians to “do justice,” and redeem fallen systems. But how? It will provide an introduction to faith organizing that is rooted in the word, honors biblical and historical heroes for justice, and  provide the basic tools and knowledge fundamental to successful community organizing. This workshop is intended to teach people of faith, who are committed to LGBTQ inclusion, how to build and exercise their own power and effectively bring about change in their faith community.

The Cost of a One Day Workshop: The cost of hosting a one-day workshop includes a $300 training stipend for two instructors as well as travel, accommodations, and food. Final costs vary depending on travel and accommodations needs.