The Reformation Project

Giving Philosophy

[Fundraising] is a confident, joyful, and hope-filled expression of ministry. In ministering to each other, each from the riches that he or she possesses, we work together for the full coming of God’s Kingdom.
— Henri Nouwen, The Spirituality of Fundraising. Henri Nouwen Society, 2004.

Giving Philosophy:

Fundraising and giving at TRP is one expression of ministry that allows us to work together for the full coming of God’s Kingdom by not only funding our programs but also working collaboratively with our supporters. Because of this, we believe:

  1. That we should practice faithful stewardship in all aspects of our lives and work, which includes integrity in our budget and finances, ensuring that we spend the funds that are entrusted to us wisely.
  2. That our fundraising efforts and our programming, while distinct, are highly intertwined.
  3. That every donor is vital to our work, whether they are able to give $1 or $100,000.
  4. That we should listen to the needs, passions, and concerns of our supporters.
  5. That we should nurture a culture of philanthropy that transforms supporters into donors, and then into donors who give not only to TRP, but to other organizations in the movement for change.
  6. That donations given from sources that oppress the poor or use unjust business practices should not be accepted.
  7. That we should adhere to the Association of Fundraising Professionals Donor Bill of Rights, which outlines the rights that all donors have when giving to nonprofit organizations like TRP.