The Reformation Project

Elevating the Dialogue Tampa

Elevating the Dialogue on
LGBTQ Inclusion in the Church

WHEN: 4pm, Sunday, November 11

WHERE: Bayshore Baptist Church
Bayshore Baptist Church
3111 W Morrison Ave 
Tampa, FL 33629 
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Bayshore Baptist Church will host a public conversation with The Reformation Project on how churches can be more inclusive and supportive of LGBTQ people in and around Tampa.

Too often, conversations about LGBTQ Christians in the church can descend into bitter debates that divide rather than build up. Consequently, many Christians are reluctant to engage the conversation, wary of generating more heat than light.

The Reformation Project created this Elevating the Dialogue series because we firmly believe that it is possible to have better, more loving, and more Christ-like conversations about LGBTQ inclusion in the church that acknowledge the diversity of viewpoints that exist while also respecting and honoring one another as committed Christians regardless of our views on the topic.

This is a free event and all are welcome, whether you've been a Christian your whole life or haven't set foot in a church in years. Join us and bring a friend as we engage this vital conversation. It's time to elevate the dialogue on LGBTQ inclusion in the church.

This forum will feature Kenneth J. Meyers, Faith Formation Specialist at the Alliance of Baptists; Rev. Dr. Bernice Powell Jackson of First United Church of Tampa; and Dr. Troy Borst, pastor and professor at Johnson University. Matthew Vines, The Reformation Project's Executive Director, will moderate the conversation.

While the panelists' theological views on marriage and sexuality varied, they are all committed to making the church a more loving, supportive place for LGBTQ Christians.

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