The Reformation Project

Conference Schedule

Reconcile and Reform Conference Schedule

Thursday, November 7
8:30am - 5pm: Parents in Process program
8:30am - 5pm: Pastors in Process program
7 - 9pm: Opening plenary session featuring keynote speaker Nicole Garcia

Friday, November 8
8:30am: Worship
9 - 10:30am: The Bible Tells Me So: Hermeneutics and the Debate About LGBTQ Inclusion with Matthew Vines
10:30 - 10:45am: Break
10:45am - 11:40am: A Pastor and a Transgender Christian Walk Into A Church: Laura Beth Taylor and Mark Wingfield on Becoming Friends, Learning About Gender Identity, and Changing a Church
11:40am - 12pm: Introduction to TRP’s leadership development cohort and chapter program
12 - 1:45pm: Lunch
1:45 - 3:15pm: Workshops (Session 1)
3:30 - 5:00pm: Workshops (Session 2)
5:15 - 6:45pm: An Evening with Rev. David: The Story Behind a Historic Letter about Biblical Translation (with Kathy Baldock and Ed Oxford)

Saturday, November 9
8:30am: Worship
9:00 - 9:45am: What Do We Mean By An Affirming Church? with Dr. Jim Brownson
9:45 - 10:30am: Why #MeToo Matters for LGBTQ Inclusion with Dr. Cheryl Anderson
10:30 - 10:45am: Break
10:45am - 12pm: Plenary session featuring keynote speaker Justin Lee
12 - 1:45pm: Lunch
1:45 - 3:15pm: Workshops (Session 3)
3:30 - 5pm: Workshops (Session 4)
7 - 9pm: Closing plenary session featuring keynote speaker Pastor Candace Hardnett


Session 1 Workshops:

  • “The United Methodist Church: Where Do We Go From Here?” (Revs. Bailey Brawner and Jarell Wilson)

  • Q&A with Nicole Garcia

  • “Understanding the Historical Context of Biblical References to Same-Sex Behavior” (Ed Oxford)

  • “Gender-Bending & Gender-Breaking: An Accessible Guide to Discussing the Trans Experience” (Gus Berg)

Session 2 Workshops:

  • “How the Scriptures Became a Sacred Weapon” (Kathy Baldock)

  • “Reframing the Gospel Story: How LGBTQ Inclusion is Central to Jesus’ Kingdom Vision” (Michelle Morrow)

  • “How to Talk to Conservative Christians Persuasively” (Alicia Johnston and Steve McCarthy)

  • “Asian Pacific Islander, Queer, and Christian: Navigating Our Collective Identities” (Kenny Ung)

Session 3 Workshops:

  • “LGBTQ 101, Featuring Lambert House LGBTQ Youth” (Dan Hammer, Ken Shulman, and Lambert House youth)

  • “Romans 1:24-27: Interpreting a Key Text in the Debate About Same-Sex Relationships” (Dr. Jim Brownson)

  • “Lessons in Leadership: A Pastor’s Perspective” (Pastor Candace Hardnett)

  • “Becoming an Exegete: Never Read the Bible the Same Way Again” (Erin Green)

Session 4 Workshops:

  • “Queerology Live Podcast Recording” (Matthias Roberts)

  • “Church Tradition and LGBTQ Inclusion: How to Understand and Discuss Early Christian Tradition Using an Affirming Hermeneutic” (James Nagy)

  • “Born This Way: A Look at the Intersection of Science and the Bible” (Ceri Anne Lewis)

  • “Moving Churches Forward on LGBTQ Inclusion: A Case Study” (Rev. Craig Morton)