"Truth will not lose ground by being tried." ~ Isaac Penington 1616-1679

I support The Reformation Project because I understand the need that called it into existence.  I understand growing up in a church where there was only 1 correct way of interpreting Scripture, where I was told that those who arrive at different conclusions are either not taking it seriously or being self-serving.  I do take Scripture seriously, and on the most painful days of my life, even pain suffered at the hands of other Christians, I still took comfort in reading my Bible.  TRP is equipping people to stand in the gap for some of the hardest conversations the Church has perhaps ever had, and to stand there with grace, humility, and love.  

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A.J. hails from Gladstone Oregon and he graduated from George Fox University in 2013 after founding an underground club for LGBTQ students and their allies. He is an Evangelical Quaker and a member of West Hills Friends Church.