Mission & Strategy

The Reformation Project is a Bible-based, Christian grassroots organization that works to promote inclusion of LGBT people by reforming church teaching on sexual orientation and gender identity. Our vision is of a global church that fully affirms LGBT people.

Our Approach

National Conferences

Each year, we host a three-day conference designed to introduce as many people to biblically-based cases for affirming and integrating LGBT people into all aspects of church life. Complete with general sessions from leaders in the field to workshops led by amazing practitioners, these conferences are intended to offer something to everyone: including LGBT people as well as straight friends and allies, ranging from those well-read on the topic to pastors, lay people, and others who are just starting to explore. These conferences will also provide significant opportunities for participants to network and strategize with others in a similar Christian context.

Leadership Development Cohorts

We also offer a leadership development cohort each year. After completing an application, 35 people will be selected for the cohort. They will complete roughly 1,000 pages of reading over a three-month period and participate in an intensive four-day training conference.

Local Reformation Project Chapters

In order to create more localized community and training directly pertinent to your concerns or topics of interest, we plan to establish local Reformation Project Chapters. They will meet on a regular basis for fellowship, receive ongoing training, and strategize about the best ways to engage their immediate communities. Local chapters might plan a public speaking event, walk in the local Pride Parade, offer a Bible Study series, or a wide variety of other activities. Chapter leaders will need to participate in a leadership development cohort before launching a local chapter.

If you are interested in helping launch a TRP chapter in your community, please email contact@reformationproject.org.

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